Quest 2 News and Updates

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Intro #

Welcome to a special edition of Quest news! In this post, we’ll be covering some interesting updates and developments for the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

Video #

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Unlocked Quest 2 #

One of the biggest stories in the Quest community recently has been the discovery of a batch of Quest 2 headsets that have an unlocked bootloader. This means that users can install any operating system they want on the device and easily gain root access. It’s not clear how many of these unlocked Quest 2s are out in the wild, but they have been spotted on VR subreddits. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one of these coveted devices.

Super Resolution Technology #

There has been a lot of buzz recently about a technology called SuperRes, which was discovered in the Quest 2 system library. It appears to be a method for achieving super resolution on the headset, potentially through the use of solid state wobulation technology. This would allow for high resolution images to be displayed on the headset without the need for a high-resolution display, potentially eliminating the screen door effect.

Face and Eye Tracking Update #

In the latest firmware update, v38, apps can now request permission to use face and eye tracking data in games. This could be a sign that developers are starting to receive preview devices for the Seacliff headset, which is rumored to feature advanced face and eye tracking technology.

Meta, the company behind the Quest, is reportedly testing their own brand of Air Link Bridge dongle. This device can be used to connect to the Air Link feature with optimal network conditions, without the need for a dedicated router with WiFi 6 support. Multiple different dongles are being developed, including one by D-Link and one by ASUS.

Earth Day Home Environment #

In the latest firmware update, a small event for Earth Day 2022 was discovered. On April 22, Meta will most likely unlock a new Tree House environment for users to explore. The event will also include a video about environmental protection.

vr Launcher Calls #

There have been a few updates to the vr launcher in the latest firmware updates. Four new options have been added and one has been removed, with no changes in the most recent update. It’s not clear what these changes will mean for users.

You can get the latest version of vrLauncher here

v38 added:

v38 removed

That’s all the Quest news for now. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the world of virtual reality!